At DRMC, more than 1,700 dedicated staff members support our physicians and surgeons during every step of your treatment and recovery. You'll see some of these men and women during your care, and others will most likely never cross your path, but all are here to help you on your road to better health.

At DRMC, the culture is focused on customer service excellence, and the mission of every member of our team is to deliver the Five C's to each customer . . . from patient and family member, to visitor, co-worker and the general public.When you or a loved one need health care, you don't interact with an organization, but the people within it. Nurses, therapists, technicians, housekeepers ... a wide variety of others ... all play an important part in your care and in how well you get along in your roles as a patient.

The Five C's: Caring Attitude, Confidentiality, Communication, Collaboration and Customer Satisfaction are the core behaviors for everyone at DRMC, and are aimed at treating all those we serve with the respect and dignity everyone deserves and expects.

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